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Function & Responsibilities

Function / responsibilities:

  • To optimize the role of the registered nurse through promotion of and participation in advocacy, networking, and political action around perinatal issues.
  • To collaborate with other RNAO Interest Groups, governments and other organizations having similar mandates (e.g., Ontario Breastfeeding Committee, AWHONN Canada, Breastfeeding Committee of Canada, Ontario Public Health Association) to promote evidence-based practice, participate in health promoting and educational activities.
  • To represent RNAO on perinatal matters.
  • To serve members of MCNIG through advocacy, programs, events and education.
  • To keep RNAO informed on issues that effect perinatal nursing.
  • To support RNAO/MCNIG recruitment and retention.
  • To elect a MCNIG representative as a voting delegate for the RNAO Annual General Meeting.
  • To participate and represent MCNIG in RNAO assembly meetings and report on activities through Members Voices.


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