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MCNIG Positions


MCNIG Executive Positions:

  • Chair/Co-Chairs (odd years)
  • Chair elect (even years)
  • Immediate Past Chair (odd years)
  • Membership and Services Officer (odd years)
  • Policy & Political Action Officer (even years)
  • Communications & Public Relations Officer (odd years)
  • Financial Officer (even years)
  • Student Representative (as year of education permits)

Terms of Office:

  • All executive positions are for a term of two (2) years with the exception of the Chair Elect and Past Chair, which are for one (1) year. The Student Representative position is dependent on the student's year of education.
  • Terms of office are staggered to permit continuity of executive responsibilities, with half of the Officer positions coming due for election on any given year.
  • Officer positions are renewable by election process for three consecutive terms with the sanction of CNIG members.

Responsibilities of Executive:

  • Administer and coordinate MCNIG activities and financial responsibilities.
  • Represent MCNIG interests at RNAO.
  • Select an executive member to represent MCNIG as a voting delegate at RNAO Annual General Meeting
  • Represent RNAO interests / initiatives to MCNIG members and perinatal nurses across Ontario.
  • Arrange for elections of executive by the members of MCNIG.
  • Manage a yearly budget.


  • Provides leadership and supervision over the business of MCNIG
  • Acts as a link between MCNIG and RNAO activities
  • Presides over Executive meetings and the Annual General Meeting of MCNIG
  • Represent mCNIG at Assembly meetings
  • Represent MCNIG at Interest Group Chairs meetings

Chair-Elect (even years) & Immediate Past Chair (odd years):

  • Preside over executive meeting when Chair is absent
  • Provide leadership and duties of Chair for MCNIG when Chair is absent
  • Performs such duties as assigned by executive or Chair

Membership & Services Officer:

  • Provides leadership and supervision over membership of MCNIG
  • Provides leadership over activities related to recruitment and retention of MCNIG members
  • Works closely with Home Office Membership Department in recruitment initiatives
  • Provides leadership and supervision of MCNIG Education Support Fund

Policy & Political Action Officer:

  • Provides leadership for policy and political action activities related to MCNIG interests and issues
  • Establish relationship with key political / government policy leaders in matters related to MCNIG interests and issues
  • Provides leadership over development and dissemination of policy or position statements related to MCNIG interests and/ or issues
  • Represents MCNIG on RNAO Policy and Political Action Committee

Communications and Public Relations Officer:

  • Provides leadership for communication and public relation activities of MCNIG
  • Acts as secretary for executive meetings
  • Provides leadership over development and distribution of MCNIG newsletter, Web site, brochures, display board, and other communication tools
  • Is the media contact for MCNIG
  • Works closely with Home Office Communication Department staff to customize MCNIG letters to editors and other specialty media outlets

Finance Officer:

  • Supervises and manages the financial affairs of MCNIG
  • Prepares and manages an annual budget in collaboration with MCNIG executive
  • Maintain the bookkeeping and financial records of MCNIG and makes them available to RNAO Home Office, and MCNIG Annual General Meeting
  • Co-ordinates planning for AGM

Student Representative:

  • To represent MCNIG to Nursing Students of Ontario
  • To bring perinatal nursing issues from the Nursing Students of Ontario to MCNIG
  • Act as a link to distribute MCNIG information to Student nurses
  • To collaborate with MCNIG executive in bringing MCNIG initiatives to student nurses





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